Sunday, January 31, 2016


     My kids are enjoying the most snow we've ever had in any place that we've ever lived.  It is much needed and we are so grateful for the answered prayer!  The members of our church here have been fasting and praying for moisture for so many months.
     We enjoyed stake conference today!   The main message I came away with was a need to increase our faith for we will need it in years to come.  It is hard for me sometimes to not be fearful about the future.  I just try to remember President Monson's words "Your future is as bright as your faith."


Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Because that's what Jesus would do."

    Bradley has started bringing in our trash can and bringing in our neighbor's trash can as well because "that's what Jesus would do" he says.
     I want to record this somewhere and here is as good a place as any, I guess.  When we were trying to decide if we should move to Fallon or not, one concern we had was the education system here.  But after including it in our prayers, fasting, and going to the temple with the question, we felt like we should move.  So we did.  After moving, our concern about our kids education was still there.  We weren't sure how our concern would be resolved.  Within a year of moving here, a charter school was started that has ended up being a much better school than the ones our kids would have attended in Boulder City.  I sure am grateful for the hand of the Lord in our lives!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bradley's Reverance at Church

     Today as we got settled on our pew in the chapel waiting for sacrament meeting to start, Brad asked if he could go up and hug his dad.  I asked him if he could do it reverently.  He replied yes.  He did a great job at not running but walking up on the stand and gave his dad a hug. Awww.  Too cute you're thinking, right?  Wrong.  He then looked straight at me and must have thought going back down the stairs was not a direct enough route for he went straight to the edge of the stand, swung his legs up so that he was laying on his belly flat on the four foot high wall and then swung his legs off on the congregation side and landed on his feet. He looked at me again with a pleased smile.  He saw my initial reaction- a smile as I started shaking my head.  He saw it before I could hide it.  It may not have been so bad if the entire congregation had not all been seated and waiting for the meeting to start.
We enjoyed a wonderful trip to mine and
Eric's parent's house over Christmas break.  Lots of family! Lots of yummy food! Lots of fun gifts!  We had a great time!  We enjoyed our Christmas morning at home as well.  
We accidentally ordered two dump trucks for Bradley for Christmas so we decided to give one to Amelia since she enjoys digging with Brad in the back yard.  We also got her a baby.  She didn't give the dump truck a second look but couldn't take her eyes off her new baby.  She held it for a good five minutes after opening it like a good little mom.  It was so cute!  Really glad she is wired correctly!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 2015 Family Vacation

    Wow!  Best vacation ever!  Started with a visit with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Linda.  Eric and Abbey ran to the temple to do baptisms while the rest of us played at the splash pad.  The next day, we loved the
family reunion with my mom's side of the family.  I interviewed my grandma and recorded it to upload to family search.  I also recorded my aunts and uncles sharing their favorite memories of Grandma Mary.  Super funny!  I can't wait to get them on family search.
     The kids went  on a great hike with grandpa Keith to a local waterfall.  Next we surprised the kids with a trip to California from there.  Visiting Great-Grandma Pikes house is always a treat.  We had a blast at Zuma beach!  Jeremy and his kids met us there.  Abbey body boarded almost the entire time and got a sunburn (despite her sunscreen) to prove it.  The kids were entertained from 12 to 5.  It was awesome!  Messy hair, sand all over everything and everybody, and fabulous memories!
      Next we visited the L.A. temple.  Eric and Abbey did baptisms for the dead while the kids and I played with the snails on the temple grounds.  Then we went to the L.A. zoo and then later the park.  Then the next day we went to the L.A. Science Center.  Very fun!  Then we watched a 3-D documentary on an imax screen.  Very well done!  Then bar-B-Q with smores.  Yum!
     Then home and recover.  Loved it!!!!  Total repeat!!!! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family Pictures

     I never grow tired of looking at my family pictures.  I look at them for at least an hour or more each time i get new ones.  I just love my good looking family!
     Abbey pointed out to me that it won't be very many more years until I''m a grandma.  Then another time she responded to me by saying "That is so wise mom, like a grandma."  I laughed and laughed.
     I'm low on enthusiasm for school.  This week is teacher appreciation week and the lady heading it up is asking us to do these creative things.  I am really low on desire to do anything creative.  It's almost over!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring break

     A few days ago after asking the kids to get their responsibilities done, Brad explains to me that he is too sick to do his responsibilities done, but not too sick to run around.
     That same day Brad decided to ride his scooter with his eyes closed.  He crashed into our fence and got a gash on his head.  He came in with blood dripping from his head.
     We took family pictures today.  I sure do love what cute, good looking kids I have!  Eric too!  Can't wait to share them! 
     We are visiting both sets of grandparents this weekend.  Lots of family and lots of fun! 
     A few days later......What a fun visit we had over spring break with so much family!  We loved having a pirate party with the Pikes and exploring caves with the Pearsons.  We are so happy to have such fabulous grandmas and grandpas for our kids.
     We enjoyed Carson's pinewood derby tonight.